Holdmybeerguy Now Has Dogs Or Someone Visiting With Dogs

What would you do?

The barking began two days ago. It’s worst in the evenings – and goes ALL night long – NONSTOP. I want to emphasize this isn’t intermittent and it’s LOUD.

The first night it started at around 11:00pm with the racket still echoing over the hillside when I finally went to bed around 2:00am. Last night it started even earlier. They were still barking at 2:00am when I finally fell asleep.

I woke up to the cacophony at 4:00am.

I tried to use high frequency noise after the first few hours yesterday but nothing. I discussed things with my husband – the fact that once again we were in a position wherein a totally thoughtless neighbor had backed us into a corner from where we had to react.

We considered giving it a couple more days in case this was a visiting relative of Holdmybeerguy and live through it rather than end up in yet another confrontation rather do something immediately.

We asked ourselves what kind of person lets their dogs bark continuously most of the night without a care in the world. I sure don’t know, but when I woke up at four this morning my mind was made up.

I was pissed. No more.

I walked up along our shared property line and looked for the source of the noise and saw a small pen set up with one or two medium to large dogs inside with one running around outside the cage. All of ’em were barking.

I yelled across their property for them to quiet their dogs then turned around and added “you have one hour before I call animal control”. Realizing it was pretty early, I quickly decided it was more prudent and reasonable to go down the work-things-out-directly checklist before I made any calls.

I went back to our trailer and scribbled a note telling them to quiet their animals and that I’d be more than happy to meet to discuss the matter in person because we have to sleep sometime. I taped it to the post along their road with Gorilla tape. Two tiny pieces of paper from a notepad with extra wide industrial strength adhesive tape bigger than the note. Maybe I was trying to make a statement.

That was about twenty minutes ago, then I came in to vent.

What would you do? How long would you be willing to listen to three dogs bark all night long before you approached the owners, called animal control or the sheriff?

This is the guy who stole one of our UPS packages and ripped a full grown tree out of the ground with a chain right on our shared property line where we had trees that could have been damaged. This is also the guy who threw huge chunks of asphalt all over the easement when it got muddy making it almost impassable so I’m thinking that aggressive, swift action is the way to handle this situation.

Wish me luck. I don’t like confrontation but you have to show people like this that you’re not going to put up with their shit. Incidentally, we love dogs and have owned them. We don’t right now because we don’t have a fence as a guarantee of keeping them from wandering. As for the barking; no way in hell would we ever allow that kind of behavior.

Why us? Why the neighbors from hell?

I wish I had a nice poem for this one but I don’t think I’d be able to find enough expletives that rhyme.

Author: ldinlove

I am an eccentric blogger and artist. I used to live off-grid, which makes for some great stories. :)

2 thoughts on “Holdmybeerguy Now Has Dogs Or Someone Visiting With Dogs”

  1. Morning Linda, I have to admit I was looking forward to a wonderful poem, but hey – with the life we have been forced to lead I’m learning to live with disappointment.

    As for your neighbors dogs… I think you are doing well with your thoughts, you gave it two nights. Dogs are allowed to bark for valid reasons, stranger etc – but what is happening there is called nuisance barking. Illegal. One thing I do suggest, before it becomes a he said she said confrontation – is I would record a night of it…. either leave an outside camera on all night, from just before it starts thru the night, or whatever. Then you can use that to cut the bull.

    Either way, confronting him or going straight to authorities, you will have proof.

    Feel free to write me directly to vent – love and support – be strong and buy a set of earplugs 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your support. We’ve never been rude or thoughtless to those around us. It’s always been a situation where we’ve HAD to take some sort of action to protect our interests, be they physical or psychological. It just keeps coming and coming. That’s why we’re looking for property elsewhere. This particular neighbor is also growing a junkyard within sight and above us. The row of cars has crept up closer and closer to the horizon and we can now view it from our “living room” while we enjoy our morning coffee.
      I have actually been charged by the other neighbor’s pitty (I love pit bulls and have had one) and got that on video. I’ve recorded the barking in the past but this time it’s so bad the dogs will be barking when any sort of authority figure arrives. I’m that sure of it. The other neighbors almost shot us once…the list goes on and on.
      When we moved in, the land around us was still for sale and we tried to buy it but due to circumstances, someone else won the great land-grab. Not next time. We buy a BIG buffer.
      I DO have an all-poetry blog because I have so much fun writing it: http://www.wordchef.press.
      Have a wonderful day and thank you for your comments. They mean a lot. 🙂


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